is an AI music creation platform redefining how artists and fans collaborate, connect, and build a legacy together. 

Role: Creative Director
Oversaw ideation to completion of this massive project. Lead a team of talented creatives and developers to build an AI music project that allows users to type in a prompt and generate lyrics, voice, album cover, name, description, and song, then allowing users to mint to ERC-721A standard with 1 click. Along with building out 3 core pillars of the brand, AI music creation, digital experience, and signing artists, we built an NFT PFP project tying everything together.

$600k funding from Open Access Ventures to build full project from brand, launch campaign, tools for AI music creation, and more.
Trailer 3D Art by TillaVision
AI Music Creation
Video walkthrough of web app experience.
Visuals - How it Resonates
Leveraged three.js to create an responsive website to encourage user retention.
Each scene is hand crafted within 3D software and exported in GLTF / GLB file types. UX and UI are layered on top within Figma and is shared with the development team to code the front and back end.
Backend - How it's Done
Branding & Content
All content put together as a showcase
3 Days before Launch
PFP Teaser
Social Media Profile
Main Website UX / UI
AI Music Creation UX / UI
Late nights, early mornings, arm hairs standing up, and friendships formed, I'm proud of the outcome and the journey. Thanks for viewing this project.
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