Here's some personal stuff
I cry sometimes—especially with short deadlines. I have a weird passion for innovation (like the kind that makes your arm hairs stand up). Sometimes I ponder my existence while other times I watch the world and laugh at my mind's thoughts. I geek out on future tech, video games, philosophy, and spirituality. I work as an art director, and you know I'm dedicated because even my tattoos are consistent in font choice.
Here's some overwritten fluff making me sound like a super rockstar
(don't let me fool you)
I've helped Web3 startups launch and scale, receiving $250mm+ in investments from consumers. I've helped brands accelerate social growth from 9k to 150k+ followers with millions of impressions in under a month through creative advertising paired with effective marketing. I'm passionate about connecting products to the right consumers and using data to back my creative decisions. Versatility is key in the work I do because every brand is unique and has a different audience to attract.
I take inventive and future-conscious approaches to conventional methods of advertising, branding, and web design. My work is about connecting with human emotion, which is why I traveled solo through Europe and the Middle East for 2.5 months after graduating from SCAD with a BFA in advertising and branding.
I bring an entrepreneurial mind to my work; owning and building small businesses since the age of 14. (The first was a pancake catering company, so I WILL make you the BEST pancakes if requested.)
I believe effective leadership comes straight from the heart. Empathy drives everything in my life. Setting strong examples, building relationships, and motivating people to reach their potential is what I strive to do daily.
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